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Perla del Mar Corojo Robusto 52 X 4 3/4 Box of 25


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“Perla Del Mar” translates directly to mean “Pearl of the Sea”. The opulent phrase refers to the discovery of Cuba and its remarkable tobacco.

The Perla del Mar Corojo Robusto is a medium strength cigar that sports a savory red-hued Ecuadorian Corojo wrapper draped over a binder and long-filler leaves from Nicaragua. Once lit, this awesome blend delivers a complexity of flavors that includes coffee, sweetness, earth, and cocoa and accented with not-so-subtle notes of spice. The cigar is pressed using the Tampa-style, which gives the cigar a more rectangular shape than the typical box-press. This method facilitates the tobacco’s flavor to efficiently marry and deliver a more flavorful smoking experience. The Perla del Mar Corojo is handmade in Nicaragua.

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